Our Beliefs


We are a conservative evangelical fellowship that regards the preaching of the ‘whole gospel’ as important.

We have sought to be open to the Lord’s leading and over the years have drawn members from all traditions who want to serve in an open, loving fellowship.

We have an open table for communion, where all those who know and love the Lord from a personal relationship and are walking in closeness with Him and other fellow believers are welcome at the Lord’s table. As a Baptist Union Church we practise Baptism by immersion, and it is a requirement for those who wish to join into membership.

beautiful_saviourWorship at St Thomas

Our worship is lead by a small worship group and we use Songs of Fellowship as our main hymn book, but thanks to powerpoint we are not restricted and are able to use a variety of modern and traditional hymns and songs.

The pew Bible is the New International Version with again the freedom of using other translations to help shed light on God’s infallible and inspired truth.

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