Missionary Vision

Our Missionary Vision at St Thomas

“All nations will come and worship before you” (Rev 15:4)


As a fellowship we seek to support God’s work in all parts of His kingdom. In recent years we have focused our support, prayerful and financial, on Baptist Home Mission (BHM)Baptist Missionary Society (BMS)Christian Witness to Israel (CWI)Belgium Evangelical Movement (BEM)TWRInitiative in Christian Education (ICE), the local Exeter Primary and High School Christian Work and MAF.

We do not restrict our prayers and our giving to these societies but to many others whose representatives come and share of their needs.

Our Mission Statement

“The purpose of my being part of the body of Christ is to bring glory to God in every part of my life, and to help bring people to a personal knowledge of God through Jesus,
that together we may become mature disciples.”